Land Acquisitions

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TrustLand will purchase rural properties statewide. We are actively looking to increase our holdings in farmland, timberland (both pine and hardwood), recreational properties (especially waterfront), rural residential and urban fringe tracts.

Once we are contacted with a purchase opportunity, we will begin our evaluation process of your property. We prepare a detailed land analysis that enables us to determine if the property fits our investment criteria. In this business, the investor with the best land analysis is usually the Buyer!

In addition to whole (Fee) property purchases, we are seeking investments in undivided interests, lease hold interests, leased fee positions or owner-financed land loans.  We pride ourselves in innovative transactions. Nothing is too complicated!

For more information, contact Clay Cook, Colt James or John Dean at 318-442-5263.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does TrustLand need to buy my property?

To begin our process, we need a legal description of the property you wish to sell, a copy of your original deed, a plat of survey or even your most recent tax notice will get us started.

Next, it is very helpful if you can give us a brief, physical description of your property.

Finally, we need to know your asking price for the property. We will not begin our purchase process without a known asking price.

How long will it take TrustLand to respond to our offer to sell?

We will begin discussions immediately with the first contact. Usually, we can make an offer in less than two (2) weeks.

Once a price has been agreed upon and a written contract has been signed by all parties, how long will it take to close?

After a written "Purchase Agreement" has been signed by all parties we typically close in 30 to 45 days.

Is an offer from TrustLand contingent upon financing?

No, all sales are for cash.

If we sell our property to TrustLand will we have to pay a Real Estate Commission?

No, you will not pay a sales commission.

What are my closing costs if TrustLand buys my property?

None, TrustLand pays all closing costs.

What is an undivided interest?

An ownership interest in land held by two (2) or more individuals. Ownership can be held by multiple people or companies with different percentages of ownership. This ownership structure is very common among families.

Will TrustLand buy my undivided interest in land?

Yes, we are interested in purchasing your undivided interest in land if you own at least a fifteen percent (15%) interest. Any interest less than fifteen percent (15%) will be considered on a case by case basis.

I own a property that is subject to a long-term lease. Will TrustLand buy my property with this lease in place?

Yes, we will purchase a property that has a long-term lease against the property.

I have a long-term lease on a tract of land. Will TrustLand pay a lump sum for this lease?

Yes, if you have a written lease that is recorded in the Parish Clerk of Court records and is assignable.

I sold land and owner-financed the sale. Will TrustLand buy this loan from me?

Yes, we are interested in purchasing owner-financed loans secured by a first mortgage on land.